leverage our manufacturing expertise to deliver value


From (New Product Introduction) to launch we add to the critical aspects of Manufacturability, Testability and Sustainability that lowers market introduction costs. With our core capabilities our key objectives are to partner with our clients to:

  • Provide Engineering support from component selection to production quality

  • Become our clients manufacturing partner from concept to end of life

  • Add the key manufacturing core competencies to our client's product life-cycle



we add the hidden value of sustainability


Our clients take advantage of our ability to proactively manage aspects of the product lifecycle to provide cost competitiveness throughout the lifecycle. Our objective is to seamlessly and proactively partner with our clients to:

  • remove cost from programs with year-over-year cost reduction plans
  • identify renewal engineering programs that generates longer lifecycles
  • global-to-regional sourcing transition program to reduce lead times and lower total lifecycle cost

client driven disruptive solutions


We connect hardware, mechanical and software entrepreneurs to our clients though our vast engineering and service ecosystem to accelerate their launch. We invest and mentor the teams to iterate their product offering until its manufacturable and ready for production launch. Our objective is to:

  • match co-development teams with co-investments
  • leverage our large network to find the right talents on demand
  • share the risk profile



leave the logistics to us


On time delivery is our client's top priority when delivering products to their customers. We bolster our client's ability to deliver by owning the end-to-end service of product deliver. Our objective is to:

  • manage direct order fulfillment from our clients and their customers
  • automatically manage storage and safety stock levels
  • leverage our logistics and sourcing capabilities to reduce costs



we deliver quality