New Product Introduction (NPI) Program

Design for manufacturing, testing and sustainability

90% of the costs are locked in at the design phase of the product development program. Our NPI Program allows us to provide critical input at the Customer’s design phase to help launch the product at a lower cost with high quality. The key areas that we focus on within this program are:

  • Component selection -> we provide feedback for sourcing issues and cost

  • Design for Manufacturability -> we provide feedback on board layout and assembly

  • Design for Testability -> we provide feedback on impact of the design to testing

  • Design for Sustainability -> we provide sourcing partners and multi-source vendors within our supply chain to remove lifecycle delivery issues


Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Program

our core competency is delivering pcba

We our 40 years of experience with high end industrial, medical, transportation, aerospace and space level circuit board manufacturing, we leverage this core competency as the center of our programs. Our core capabilities are:

  • we build both leaded and RoHS -compliant PCBs

  • we build to the newest technologies -> BGA, µBGA, 4 mil fin-pitch, 01005 imperial size, and through-hole components

  • we work with rigid, flex, FR-4, metal, hybrid, single or double sided, and multilayered boards

  • we support full development cycle support -> from prototypes to production

  • we support additional value added services -> conformal coating, potting, etc...


Box Build Program

full box build, test and ship

Our box build program is designed to leverage our wiring and assembly capabilities to add to the value chain of the electronics manufacturing process. We build our client's full product from Sunburst produced PCBAs and cables or customer consigned inventory. Within this program we can customize our approach to deliver what the client needs to accomplish:

  • Box build -> metal or plastic housing, PCBA, cable, wiring, programing, and test

  • Large cabinet and panel build